Mini Tarot Reading


Hello everyone,

I am Katie, an intuitive tarot and angel card reader. I love to help and guide others through the cards in the best ways that I can.

This is a mini tarot reading – you will receive an email prediction with your two answered questions – you can ask me questions around any topic you feel you need guidance on, such as love, career, home, friendships etc. the more specific you are with the area of guidance you need the better I can look into everything for you.

Please send me an unfiltered photo of yourself for your reading you can add an image at the checkout. Please send over 2 specific questions for this mini tarot reading.

Readings will be delivered within 5-7 working days. This does not include weekends.

The tarot cards are a reflection of your heart and your true desires, I am just a vessel to give you the messages that you need at the time.

If you require medical advice please seek a doctors advice.

I would be super grateful if you could leave feedback for your reading.

If there are things that do not ring true right away, then please allow up to 6 months for things to happen. We all choose our own free will therefore the cards are only guidance.

I do take all my readings seriously. However tarot is not 100% accurate and this is only a prediction. These readings are non refundable.

Thank you so much and I look forward to sharing my energy with you.

Sending you love and light,

Katie xo