Welcome to Soul Sisters, two life-loving, multi-award winning siblings and soul mates, with a passion for helping people across the globe to uncover their true potential and start living the life they were born to live.

We want to share with you our own voyage of self-discovery, help you to find yours all the while inspiring, encouraging and empowering you to truly unleash the power which is lying dormant inside you.

We will give you the tools, which are tried and tested by the top 3% of the world – the super achievers, the super rich and the super happy.

We truly believe that every single person living on this planet is capable of colossal things.

You can literally do anything you want to in life. Yet most people aren’t doing it.

Most people are stuck in the daily 9-5 grind, the sitting in traffic, come home, dinner, bed, repeat. They cant see a way out.

But there is a different way. A way to be free of the rat race and to attract into your life anything you want. Your dream career, home, partner, car, business or lifestyle – it is all within your grasp – and we want to help you get it, all the while discovering who you really are and just what you can achieve.

Whether you are new to the world of self-development or an avid devotee, there is something here for everyone.

You didn’t just come across this site by chance something brought you here.

Nothing happens by accident.

Was it The Universe? Destiny? Fate? Or something else entirely?

Whatever it was, we are so glad you are here and we guarantee you we are going to have a lot of fun finding out just who you are and just what you can do with your time here in this physical world…

Katie Stevenson

Multi-award winning entrepreneur with a strong creative background and imaginative flare. Katie is a highly intuitive, professional business coach who puts the entire wellbeing of her clients first.


With ten years of successful business experience, Katie can provide an array of business knowledge, expertise, leadership skills and that eye for finding those hidden gems that others cannot see. She has studied mindset change for the past two years and is passionate and committed to help others change their lives for the better.


Katie will help to guide you in every way through your business stages, from start-ups who aren’t sure where to begin to those fully fledged businesses who just need that burst of fresh ideas, passion and inspiration reignited within them.


Katie’s creativity is what makes her unique, she can give you those ideas and see things that others cannot. She is highly intuitive and can feel if things are right for you and your business. She will be your number one go-to for one-of-a-kind ideas, she will help you uncover what is really holding you back from reaching your goals and help to bring out the very best in you so you can reach success.


After graduating from a Film Degree at Queens’ University in Belfast, Katie set up her first hair and beauty business ‘La Bella Vita’ alongside her business partner. They built the business from the ground up with zero investments, starting from an at-home chair with two clients, Katie and her business partner built the business up to hundreds upon hundreds of clients and 6 staff, in their dream salon. During that time they scooped three top business and industry awards, ‘Young Business Person Of The Year’ in the Belfast Business Awards, ‘Young Entrepreneur of the year’ at the Lisburn and Castlereigh city awards and ‘Hair extension specialists of the year’ at the Northern Ireland Hair and Beauty awards. 


In 2016, when Katie was 25 years old, she underwent extensive spinal fusion surgery to fix the 45 degree curvature of her spine. During that time she had her ‘epiphany’ moment and sold her share her of the business and travel the world.


During that time she investing in her personal development. It was a year of personal growth and reflection, which enabled her to recharge and look ahead for the next journey. During this time she decided to launch her next business – Beaux Baby Boutique.


Beaux Baby Boutique is a unique and ethical baby clothing and shoe business which features Katie’s  own designs. The business has exceeded expectations by reaching celebrity clients such as reality TV stars such as Samantha Faiers and Instagram Icon Mrs Hinch.


Katie is a creative thinker and thrives in a business environment. Sheis a born leader and with exceptional people management and interpersonal skills which are invaluable to helping others succeed at their own ventures. She has learnt many lessons along the way which can help others on their journeys.


Katie will give you the confidence to go for your dreams. She will bring her wealth of business leadership knowledge, website development, social media skills, photography, choosing the right staff members, how to invest in yourself, self care, mindset, alongside the day to day runnings of a business. She has a wealth of knowledge in so many fields of business that can help you to tap into your potential and bring out your best self.


Why not work with a mentor who is bursting with passion, excitement and vibrancy who will not only help you achieve your goals faster but you will build a unique bond and wealth of information and experience that will elevate you to the next level in your career.



Angela Hunter

Multi-award-winning businesswomen, entrepreneur and business coach who specialises in cultivating human potential for happiness, wealth, health and fulfillment.


As a multi-award winning businesswoman with 20+ years in business management and leadership, Angela has her fair share of successful businesses under her belt. She understands fully that mindset is the key to achieving anything you want in your life and will teach you everything she lives by to attract true abundance into your life.


In 2010, after nine years in the communication and events industry, she set-up Birdsong Communications, a public relations and marketing agency which was recognised within 12 months of trading as ‘Outstanding Small Consultancy’ at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Pride Awards. Since then, the business has won numerous industry awards and has a growing, enviable client list.


Angela is a highly intuitive, born leader, brimming with creative ideas, strategies and solutions.


Throughout her career Angela has advised senior leaders of the business community across a range of sectors from public sector to corporate and B2B, as well as consumer communications at all levels, from start-up businesses to large PLCs.


In 2015, Angela co-created the clothing brand, Cinch Corsets,an online shape-wear company designed to help women lose weight, gain confidence and look and feel better in their clothes. The business was shortlisted in the 2016 UTV Business Eye Awards in the Category of Innovation. The business continues to grow through online and retail sales.


In 2017 came the launch of Cinch Clinic– a holistic fat-loss, aesthetics and wellbeing clinic in Angela’s hometown of Holywood. Angela and her business partner, Nicola McIllhagger,  set-up the Clinic from scratch, with no prior knowledge of the beauty industry in a bid to help empower women and gain inner confidence. The business has gone from strength-to-strength, is regarded as an industry leader in Northern Ireland and was recognised at the NI Beauty Excellence Awards in 2019 as Aesthetics Clinic to Watch.


An avid self-development expert, Angela has spent ten years studying works by the world’s best and most influential business mentors, coaches, inspirational speakers.


She has also spent the last 18 months working closely with her own mentor, Kim Calvert, Bob Proctor’s (world-class business mentor and motivational speaker)  number one consultant in the Proctor Gallagher Institute, studying in the Thinking Into Results Program. Angela attended the globally-streamed, two-day seminar “Inception” in February 2020 where she delved deeper into what she wanted to bring to the world to help others uncover their true potential– Soul Sisters Mindset Coaching was born.


A self-proclaimed ‘ideas person’ – Angela loves the creativity of any project, business or idea, and will get to the heart of your objectives, your strategy and your end goals. 


She will be your best asset, your number one ally and will help you uncover your exponential potentialfor happiness, wealth, health and fulfillment.